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Protéji films are meditations on love of the human form, its beauty and expression. Specializing in Avant-Garde, Art-house, Experimental, LGBT, Lesbian, Indie, Short and Narrative Films.

hrline3bBeauty cuts deep and sex isn’t love, but in the end is love…actually.

love actually (.)/ aka “L.A.” – A debutante turns the table on a gothic girl by teaching her a thing or two (or three…) about the art of seduction. L.A. is an avant-garde experimental short by director, Ji Strangeway. Zen-sexy meditation, visual poetry, terse and trancy with electronica music, and no dialogue.

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Features original music by trance DJs, Antix/Fiord.
Genre: Avant-Garde, Trance, Electronica, Music, Short, Lesbian, LGBT, Erotic, Fiction


If heaven could come, it would be from other worlds.

WE COME (FROM OTHER WORLDS) – Cowboy Burn comes from a sexless heaven. Man and Woman have not yet separated. We live in Mono. Stereo hasn’t been invented. She has no rules, no right or wrong and descends to earth and must have sex now before she detonates. We come as one. A no holds barred abstract film short that pushes the envelope of art and LGBT cinema.

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Music: Antix/Fiord, Rework (wanna rework), Patrick Snape and more.
Genre: Avant-Garde, Music, Trance, Electronica, Punk, Experimental Film, Short, Lesbian, LGBT, Unsimulated Sex, No Dialoguehrline4

A teenage girl lost in love…

MYSTERY’S CHOIR (1999, re-released 2009): Teenager, Daena, is a teen lost in love with a much older lesbian woman. Caught in a magical and sexually-charged relationship, she runs away from a broken home to find the outside world is no better. Daena awakens from an inner dream and sleepwalks into a world where the harsh reality of life — when bereft of love — is unreal.

With little to no artifice: Mystery’s Choir is the first low-budget feature by director, Ji Strangeway. Produced in 1999, Mystery’s Choir was released in 2009 for availability to its underground “lesbian cult film” following.  Experimental and avant garde, the film stylistically mixes conventional narrative storytelling with abstract dreamscape imagery. Contains unsimulated lesbian sex and intergenerational themes. Audiences: 18+ only.

“Some of the most beautiful and explicit sex scenes in lesbian films”

Philadelphia International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

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Genre: American Teen Drama, Lesbian, LGBT, Unsimulated Sex, Avant-Garde, Narrative Fiction, Experimental, Surrealism

“I wish that more films felt as intensely personal as Mystery’s Choir,
a daring often surreal-looking work”

- Time Out New York, Film Review

“An unfettered filmmaker with considerable potential”

TV Guide On-Line

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Artist statement: “Mystery’s Choir – Film as Ritual.”

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